The Four Corners photovoltaic power station

The Four Corners photovoltaic power station


Located in a deserted area of the south-west of the United States, the Four Corners solar power station is a photovoltaic (PV) plant with a capacity reaching 1.6 GWp. This extensive project is the fruit of a partnership between Photosol and a particularly experienced local developer.


The project will benefit from highly advantageous conditions including:

  • An exceptional site with a considerable radiation level and moderate temperatures
  • The existence of a high-voltage electric infrastructure granting access to numerous off takers
  • A local background where current coal-fired power stations are closing down because of their impact on the atmosphere, hence the need to develop new electric power sources with little or no environmental impact.


Thanks to all these strong points, the economics of the project are extremely favourable. In fact, this mode of electricity production should be one of the cheapest to come.

Currently under development (land partly secured and environmental impact studies underway), this huge solar power station should get off the ground in 2021.